Parenting Classes
Nurturing God's Way
A Parenting Program for Christian Families

Our goal is to increase stability in families and develop meaningful life skills.

At Compassion House, our view is that when God builds the house, it succeeds. Accordingly, we encourage lives that are built on “The Rock.”

Many of our programs are not overtly spiritual in nature, but we made a costly decision to ensure that our parenting program would be Christian in its orientation. We had the opportunity to receive $5000 in state funding to teach a traditional Nurturing Parenting class, but after much prayer we decided to forego this money in favor of Nurturing God’s Way. Based on the results so far, we couldn’t be more pleased!

One mother who is attending our 17-week class said, “I love this class! I came in all upset, and I’m leaving with a feeling of self-worth.”

At the beginning of each set of classes, the participants are asked what they think it means to be a godly parent. They typically turn in a blank sheet of paper or have little to say. At the end of the class, however, their vision of themselves and their families has been transformed.

Here are two excerpts from recent graduates:

“At the beginning of this class, I thought I knew a lot about raising my children and grandchildren. Throughout these past 17 weeks, I have realized how much I didn’t know and how totally different I will use discipline and learning techniques. The biggest thing I can give my children and grandchildren is the chance to know God and turn to Him in times of trouble and joy. If they will cling to Him, no matter what the circumstance, He will be there to lead them and walk with them through the good times and to carry them through the storms.”

“I have learned that to be a godly parent means to love, understand, respect, and build trust between you and your child. I have learned ways of good discipline and setting good guidelines, and also how to help my child learn to have a good relationship with God, because He is the best person to go to for help. He will never steer you the wrong way.”

Nurturing God’s Way has been written to help families learn to depend on God in their parenting journey. It was designed for parents who may be enduring a variety of family challenges, who come from many different situations and backgrounds, and who have children of all ages.

We gladly make our classes available to anyone in the community, yet the majority of our participants are parents who have had their children removed from their homes and placed in foster care. Our experience has shown that unless new investments are made to prevent child neglect and abuse, the sad story of abuse will continue to repeat itself from one generation of troubled families to the next.

Every incremental success adds to a foundation that will support the parent/child relationship long after the child returns home. We believe these positive steps are crucial.

Topics Covered
  • Personality & Parenting Values
  • God's Commands Regarding Parenting
  • Role of Godly Parents
  • Development of Morals & Values
  • How Labels Affect Our Self-Worth
  • Ages & Stages of Development
  • Character Development
  • Understanding Feelings

Techniques Taught
  • Developing Family Rules
  • Teaching Children to Use Manners
  • Praising Children & Their Behaviors
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Stress Management Tools
  • Understanding & Expressing Anger
  • Rewards & Punishment

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Nurturing God's Way Program Facilitators

Linda Clark our Director of Mentoring along with Debra Stanley & Shannon Conkle have been trained as Nurturing God’s Way Program Facilitators because they want to make a difference in the lives of children and families. We are in the process of training another facilitator, Teresa Sewell, who will also be certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist.

What do all of these women have in common? They desire to see families grow spiritually and parent the way God’s word says. They have a passion for serving others. They take the time to commit to making a difference—not just sharing information. They enjoy working with people, and are willing to put forth the effort to deliver a life-changing program.

In addition to receiving practical skills and information, participants are given hands-on opportunities to experience the program concepts, along with numerous illustrations to help them apply these proven parenting techniques.

Above all, we found the Nurturing Parenting Program to be grounded in Scripture. Nurturing God’s Way uses Scripture to illustrate points; clarify reasons for behavior; instruct and exhort parents and children through their parenting journey; encourage for past, present and future actions performed well; and, provide hope for tomorrow.

In order for children to “honor your mother and father,” a level of trust must be earned, based on the actions of the parents. A parent who has a positive trustworthy character more easily earns trust to develop healthy and cooperative children. Having a positive, trustworthy character incorporates many of the Nurturing Parenting Program components of empathy, needs, feelings, choices and consequences, positive communication skills, etc. The program also addresses character development, personality traits, moral development, the importance of prayer, forgiveness, the need for a relationship with Jesus Christ and guidance from the Holy Spirit, the concept of self-worth because we were created by God and are chosen of God, and our power to choose.

The Nurturing God’s Way curriculum comes out of years of research and practical experience. Dr. Stephen Bavolek is renowned for his work in creating and implementing the internationally acclaimed Nurturing Parenting Program. Sue Laney taught this course for years, and then worked in cooperation with Dr. Bavolek to design Nurturing God’s Way.

Sue Laney is a National Trainer / Consultant for the Nurturing Parenting Programs®. Mrs. Laney is the Executive Director for the Family Nurturing Center of Georgia (FNC-GA) and primary author of several curricula including “Nurturing God’s Way” Parenting Program for Christian Families®. She currently oversees the “Nurturing Georgia’s Families” Project in Georgia, now in its ninth year of operation. This project provides training and consulting of Nurturing Parenting Programs® and other child abuse prevention efforts. Mrs. Laney has over two decades of management experience for direct service providers and volunteers working in the child abuse and substance abuse prevention fields. She provides training in child abuse prevention, facilitation skills, and small business management.

Stephen J. Bavolek, Ph.D. is recognized for his work in promoting nurturing parenting attitudes and skills for the prevention and treatment of child abuse. During the last 30 years he has authored and validated family-based parenting programs, assessment inventories, school curricula, games, videos, instructional aides and training materials all designed to enhance the lives of individuals and families through nurturing. He has conducted over 1500 workshops, has appeared on more than 70 radio and television talk show programs and has published numerous books, articles, programs and newsletters. Dr. Bavolek is President of Family Development Resources, Inc. and Executive Director of Family Nurturing Centers, International.