Our  Why

Every year, hundreds of thousands of children are unable to live with their families due to the effects of abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Many detriments such as anger, alcohol/drug abouse, joblessness and others tear parents from their children, brothers from their sisters and grandparents from their grandchildren. These challenges fuel more prolems for families that seem to turn into hopelessness, but at Compassion House we understand these challenges. That's why we're commited to providing crucial resources to inspire Hope and Healing for broken families.



Our Mission for families

Is to restore a stable and loving relationship between struggling parents and their children who are at risk of separation by state custody and to improve reunification efforts for those already in foster care.

Our  Services

Compassion House offers a range of services to support individuals and families facing difficult circumstances, including:

  • Counseling and Therapy: Teens and adults overcome life's challenges such as trauma, grief, abuse or other curveballs. Our licensed therapists offer a supportive environment where clients can work through challenges and build the skills to deal with life's difficulties.

  • Mentoring and Life Skills: Compassion House matches a trained mentor who provides guidance, support and encouragement throughout the healing process. Mentors help individuals and clients develop skills, set goals, and navigate the challenges of everyday life.

  • Case Management: Compassion House provides case management services such as visitation that help clients access the resources they need to succeed in their programs. We work with case managers directly to identify needs and ensure parents success.

  • Support Groups: We offer a variety of support groups designed to help families connect with others who are facing similar challenges. These groups provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals can share experiences, learn from others and build community. 

  • Crisis Intervention: Crisis intervention services help individuals and families in need of immediate assistance. Our trained counselors and professionals work to assess situations to provide the support and resources necessary to to bring families into a better situation.

Through our services, Compassion House strives to create a warm and welcoming environment where families can find comfort, hope and healing. We are committed to empowering individuals and family to overcome their struggles and build a brighter future.



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Our goal is to restore a stable and loving relationship between struggling parents and their children...

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