Our Goal


To restore a stable and loving relationship between struggling parents and their children who have been taken into state custody and placed into foster care.


Children and their parents are provided a safe environment for emotional healing from abuse, neglect, and separation.

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The Heartbreaking Statistics

In Georgia over 13,000 children were in protective care in 2018. Every month Whitfield and Murray Counties receive approximately 300+ phone calls alleging child abuse, molestation, truancy, or neglect.

Currently, there are 345 children who have been removed from their homes in Whitfield and Murray Counties. Most of these children have two active parents (whether a biological parent or grandparents) and four other relatives who actively participate in their lives'so the total number of people affected by the removal of these children is 2,415!


During the past five years, over 1,500 children in Whitfield and Murray Counties have been taken into foster care. The vast majority of these (over 75%) are never reunited with their parents.

Without question, there is a major crisis when the children and families are being divided, unhelped, and unhealed. 'Research has shown that the rate of post-traumatic stress disorder is higher among foster care alumni than it is for war veterans,' says Dr. John Seita, Professor of Social Work at Michigan State University.


Currently, upwards of 250 people benefit from Compassion House's services every month (including children and their extended families). Sadly, siblings put in other homes and relatives (grandparents, aunts, and uncles) want their own visitation opportunities, but a lack of funding prevents this from happening.

Visitation's Current Crisis

Given the research that proves the importance of visitation, it is tragic that federal and state grants for this service have been cut across the country. Parents and children now have fewer and shorter visits than ever before.


Can you imagine how you would feel if you could only see your child 3 hours a month? Now, try to imagine how devastated your child would feel from such limited contact. . . .


Compassion House's goal is that children have a visit with their parents as often as possible.  Juvenile Court Enhanced Family Time suggests 3 or more times a week for children zero to 5 years old.  We would love to be able to provide that service but finance and capacity prevent this very often.


The average age of a child taken into foster care is ten years old. When you see that eager, worried little child running into the arms of their parents, you catch a glimpse of the importance of maintaining a bond to ease the devastating pain of separation.


The Daily Citizen interviewed a mother named Jennifer, who stated:


'If I hadn't had my weekly visits with Rylie, there's no way I would have finished my case plan. I learned that drugs are bad, but it's hard to quit unless you have a good reason. Rylie is the best reason of all. I'm always wondering, 'What if I ever did it again?' But then I look at her.'


Jennifer and Rylie's success story was reported one month after the funding that provided for weekly visitation was cut.

Why Visitation is Crucial
Why Visitation Alone Is Not Enough To Save Families from Permanent Separation

The Good News

and Our Vision

'I know the plans I have for you, plans for your welfare and for your good'to give you a future and a hope.' (Jeremiah 29:11)

Since Compassion House is the only facility available in Whitfield and Murray Counties where children can have a supervised visit with their parents once they have been placed in state custody, we see this as a wonderful opportunity to minister to families in ways that are truly life-changing.


The good news is that during this season of crisis, parents have the most incentive to make changes in their lives. That's why we're dedicated to matching their desire to improve themselves with family-saving resources.


Study after study has proven that the sooner comprehensive intervention services are provided, the better the chances are for families to be reunited. With this in mind, we are encouraged by the success of our cutting-edge programs and classes that help our families heal and then learn important skills.

Our Skills

Grief and Loss Recovery Workshops
Nurturing Parenting Classes
Healthy Relationship Classes
Anger Management Classes
Grief and Loss Recovery Workshops

Restoration from Trauma and Loss Recovery Workshops

 Our Grief and Loss Recovery program offers participants access to crucial life skills that most haven't received'practical techniques that help reconcile feelings of loss and change. There are more than 40 events that can create the range of human emotions called grief (including divorce, separation, death, job loss, foster care, loss of hope and health, etc). Whether the loss was recent or long ago, it may still be limiting one's ability to fully embrace life. Grief and Loss Recovery techniques assist in the ultimate journey back to one's heart and to see life in a positive way.

Nurturing Parenting Classes
Healthy Relationship Classes
Anger Management Classes

'I am returning' with compassion; My house shall be built in it,' says the Lord of hosts.'

(Zechariah 1:16)