Family Life

Support Groups

Our goal is to strengthen the family unit starting with biological parents and children by equipping them to identify and address immediate and long-term family needs and with the feeling of community and peer support (during reunification and post-reunification) with the help of a supportive team of people.


  1. Increased parental confidence
  2. Increased peer support and community
  3. Reduction in the length of time children/teens are in the foster care system
  4. Reduction in the number of children returning to foster care
  5. Build resiliency and ability to reach out and help others.


This group will meet once or twice per month for 1.5 hours, as long as family wishes to stay involved and connected with Compassion House and this service. Meals will be provided by the group for these meetings. 


Program Summary

This program is focused around the Reunification of families. It will include biological parents and chosen relatives/friends and post-reunification.